Appreciative employer – committed employees

At ODU, you are more than just an employee – you are a valued member of a team that achieves success and then celebrates it together. As a socially responsible employer, we are aware of our employees’ performance and reward their commitment with appropriate benefits.

Flexible working hours for flexible employees

At ODU, we also rely on the motto “successful together” when it comes to working hours. This means our employees benefit from a great deal of freedom in the form of flexible working hours – outside of the usual shift models. After all, we believe that the compatibility of family and career as well as a healthy work/life balance are fundamental prerequisites for a fulfilling professional life.

Switch off and relax on vacation

High-performing individuals also need sufficient rest and downtime. Which is why full-time employees at ODU are entitled to 30 days of paid vacation per year. We also understand the importance of major personal events and family occasions – and grant additional special leave for weddings or the birth of a child, for example.

Home working, family, and raising children

Our company attaches great importance to reconciling the demands of family life and work. This includes offering flexible parental leave as well as active assistance when new parents return to work, and organizing suitable childcare. In addition, our employees can – where appropriate – also work from home without any complications.

Vocational training and continuing education

At ODU we believe that the know-how and technical inventiveness of our workforce are valuable assets – as drivers of innovation and technical progress. In order to promote these qualities, we attach particular importance to providing tailored training and further education for our employees – and enabling them to pursue their requested professional development opportunities. Ultimately, a well-trained team contributes significantly both to the economic success of the company and the personal development of our employees.

Working and networking abroad

As a global company, ODU also offers some staff the opportunity to work abroad. Thanks to our production sites and sales companies in Europe, Asia, and North America, our trainees and students can also choose to spend time abroad. As your career at ODU progresses, these international opportunities may expand.

Company pension plan and tax-free benefits

Providing for tomorrow today – we also help to ensure your future financial security. In addition to deferred compensation, ODU offers an employer-funded company pension plan and tax-free benefits.

Healthy, nutritional meals

The canteen at our Mühldorf am Inn location implements a healthy nutritional concept and offers varied menus with a diverse range of meals – subsidized by ODU.

Health days and company medical services

Sound knowledge and good ideas are important when it comes to ensuring a healthy lifestyle and working environment. For this reason, we convey relevant information to our employees at regular “health days”. In addition, ODU’s company physician provides staff with comprehensive support on the topic of occupational health and safety.

Regular sports events

ODU actively helps to promote our employees’ health through regular sports activities, such as a running club, walking group, ODU mountain bike tours, ski trips, company runs, as well as volleyball and soccer tournaments.

Events and excursions

At ODU, we not only work, but sometimes also socialize, as a team. For example, we regularly invite our workforce to events such as company outings and parties, Christmas celebrations, and even visits to folk festivals. Special highlights at these events include performances by the ODU Band and the company choir!

Discounts at local companies

ODU is a well-known and valued employer in the Mühldorf am Inn region. Many local businesses offer discounts to our employees – such as opticians, gyms, delis, building supply stores, and many more.

Mühldorf – a diverse and modern town

The Inn-Salzach region is characterized by its natural beauty and an abundance of recreational opportunities. ODU employees thus benefit from the perfect combination of an enjoyable job and plenty of fun in their free time! Mountain biking, climbing, sailing, hiking – just a few of our favorite recreational activities. The area also boasts strong infrastructure and a diverse range of daycare centers, schools, and universities. Just 80 kilometers (50 miles) away, the state capital Munich is easily accessible.

Your career at ODU

The perfect connection. Joining the present and future. Coupling creativity with technology. Linking security with opportunities.