Experienced professionals and newcomers

ODU offers exciting challenges and professional development opportunities for both experienced professionals and newcomers, as well as people looking to change careers. ODU’s motto “Everything from a single source” – from the development of an individual connector to the fully assembled connection system – opens up diverse fields of professional activity for our employees.

Onboarding at ODU

We aim to make your induction period at ODU as pleasant as possible. With this in mind, we have an established onboarding process that will help you get fully acclimated within the first six months.

Employee testimonials

With 1,300 employees, ODU is one of the largest employers in our region. Many of our employees have been with the company for decades, in many cases having joined us as apprentices themselves. Our low staff turnover rate also has a positive effect on the general atmosphere within the company and creates a pleasant working environment. Find out why our employees enjoy working at ODU below.

“I joined ODU in 2006. After your training and studies, ODU offers very interesting and challenging development opportunities for young people. For example, I was able to gain one year’s experience abroad at our locations in San Diego (USA) and Tijuana (Mexico). What impresses me most is the friendly working atmosphere that you will find at all locations worldwide.”

“I joined the company in 2015 through my bachelor’s thesis in development. I quickly noticed the flexibility that ODU offers its employees. For example, throughout my master’s degree I was able to work as a student trainee in the technical testing laboratory on an hourly basis, leaving me enough time for my studies. Subsequently, I was able to complete my project in the form of my master’s thesis. I now work as a test engineer and have been permanently employed in the laboratory since 2018. I also really like the fact that we work closely with the development team. But for me, the most important aspect is that I enjoy going to work, mainly thanks to the excellent working atmosphere and my friendly colleagues.”

“I’m impressed by the good working atmosphere and the team spirit. ODU supports its employees and is constantly growing. Our future-proof products and solutions make for an attractive workplace.”

“ODU is a company that relies on its qualified and motivated employees. The development opportunities for employees and the promotion of team spirit among the entire“ODU family” make it easy for me to feel comfortable at ODU. Since I started my apprenticeship at ODU more than 20 years ago, I’ve repeatedly been given new opportunities to develop my skills, play to my strengths, and prove my capabilities. In the process, I’ve always worked with friendly and motivated colleagues who appreciate the working atmosphere and enjoy contributing to ODU’s success.”

Your career at ODU

The perfect connection between the present and future. Coupling creativity with technology. Linking security with opportunities.