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Metals technology specialist (m/f/d)

Whenever many individual parts need to be turned into a coherent whole, we turn to our metals technology specialists. During your training you will learn how the various individual parts are assembled: for example, by means of press-fit, soldered, crimped, or screw connections.

You will work on semi-automated and fully-automated workstations, set up assembly lines and perform inspections using modern end-of-line test equipment. You will turn these machines into an extension of your will – by learning to program them during your training. Ultimately, is the quality right and is the device ready for the customer? You will check that, too – the final decision will be yours! As you work, you will consistently refer to the technical documentation and be well-versed in the applicable safety regulations.

Training period: 2 apprenticeship years

School-leaving qualification: high school diploma (equivalent to the “Mittelschulabschluss”) or higher

You will need: good fine-motor skills, manual dexterity, and an interest in metal

Your training

At the beginning of the first apprenticeship year, you will complete a basic course to learn key manual skills, such as measuring, testing, filing, drilling, sawing, riveting, thread cutting, and chiseling.

After your basic training, you will spend time in different areas of the company to get a better understanding of their role and work alongside the respective teams.

Typical activities / training content:

  • Hand assembly of single parts into components and units, e.g., by means of press-fit, soldered, crimped, or screw connections, semi-automatic assembly, as well as fully automatic assembly with training in different product areas
  • Reading and understanding technical documents, such as technical drawings and assembly plans
  • Monitoring and optimizing assembly processes
  • Maintenance of equipment
Vocational school

1st and 2nd apprenticeship year
Staatliche Berufsschule I
Pilichdorfstraße 4
84453 Mühldorf am Inn

Block teaching

Final examinations

The intermediate examination takes place after your first year of training. The final examination takes place at the end of your two years of training. You will be well prepared for both exams through your work at ODU and your studies at the vocational school.

Your future prospects

By showing both commitment and enthusiasm, you will open up excellent career opportunities at ODU – initially, with regard to finding a permanent job, and subsequently through professional development as a specialist in your field. As a trained metals technology specialist, you will then specialize in one area of the assembly department in which you spent time during your training.

If you are a suitable candidate, you will have the option to continue your training for 1.5 years and additionally sit the examination as an industrial mechanic or CNC technician.

  • As a rule, we hire five apprentice metals technology specialists every year
  • Metals technology specialist is one of our cleanest professions
  • With a good school-leaving qualification, you can learn this very demanding metalworking profession as long as you are committed and have a knack for handicrafts. The profession of toolmaker is equally suitable for both men and women.