Julia Weber

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Julia Weber – From trainee to team leader

If you had told Julia in September 2009 what path her career would take, she would probably have been amazed. The long-time ODU employee began her training as an industrial clerk in 2009. Julia is now a team leader in Manufacturing Engineering.

After her apprenticeship, Julia worked in project purchasing for a year and a half before applying internally for a dual study program in industrial engineering - and was accepted. In order to meet the requirements for the course, she spent a year at the BOS catching up on her vocational baccalaureate. Then the time had come: studying in Rosenheim, working in Mühldorf during the semester break, standard period of study 7 semesters.

At the beginning of her studies, she worked in the laboratory, later in Manufacturing Engineering (ME). There she had to maintain work plans, monitor processes and take time records in production. Her main task was therefore to be the link to production and to reconcile customer requirements for ODU products with what was possible in terms of production technology. She liked it so much at the ME that she wanted to stay. How fortunate that the team, which was still small at the time, was in urgent need of reinforcement.

"Everything I have achieved at ODU is recognized. The promotion as a reward for the hard work is of course a success."
Julia Weber, Team Leader Manufacturing Cable Assembly

After completing her studies, she was given a permanent position in her department and began working on her own projects on a daily basis. The long and conscientious work at ODU and the many additional hours of learning have paid off for Julia: in 2022, she became Team Leader ME Cable Assembly and has been responsible for seven employees ever since.

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