Dual study program

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Abitur (soon) in the bag and now?

Dual study program at ODU – Dual is twice as good!

Get started with a dual study program and combine practical work and study in one.
This will give you the best prospects for your professional future.

Mechanical engineering
Industrial engineering
Business informatics
Business administration


  • Acquisition of extensive practical and professional knowledge
  • Optimal integration into operational structures, working methods and project processes
  • Monthly salary: 1,388 from the first semester onwards
  • Full payment of tuition fees
  • Smooth transition from studies to career (top chances of being taken on!)
  • The total training period (training + studies) is shortened by several years in some cases
Employee voices

This is what our dual students say about their training at ODU in combination with a degree course.

"I was actually at the FOS in the industrial sector because I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do one day. The decision to study a technical course was exactly the right one. I can put what I've learned at university directly into practice at work. At the same time, the practical experience helps me to learn."

"Professional experience & an academic degree - I think that's ideal. I've always been fascinated by how technical systems work. ODU and the mechanical engineering degree are right on my doorstep."

"Studying dahoam in Mühldorf enables me to continue my sport and my club life club life with the same commitment. Thanks to the lectures in the small group, you know each other personally. I can apply the technical knowledge from my studies apply it in practice."

"The good thing about studying is that we are a small group. The professors all know us personally. As I know the company well through the training part of the study model, I can take on challenging tasks and that's a lot of fun. I can also continue to live at home and the pay and benefits are really great. "

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