Dual is twice as good!

With a dual study program, you can lay the best foundations for your professional future. Through the optimal combination of theory at the university and practice at the company, you will gain lots of valuable experience during your studies while simultaneously acquiring a wide range of specialist knowledge.

Mechanical engineering program

At ODU you can study dual mechanical engineering at the Mühldorf campus. The Bachelor of Engineering program is the perfect preparation for a wide variety of professional fields. For example: design, development, laboratory, process optimization, quality management, manufacturing engineering, product management, technical purchasing, or technical sales.

How does the dual study program work at ODU?

The dual study program in mechanical engineering is combined with an apprenticeship, i.e., you combine your studies with an apprenticeship as a toolmaker or technical product designer. Initially, you will spend one year in the company to complete your in-house training. From the second year of the apprenticeship, you will alternate between studying at the university and training at ODU. Lectures are held at the Mühldorf campus (branch of Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences) on Fridays and Saturdays. From Monday to Wednesday you will continue your training at the company. Thursdays are a day off to compensate for Saturdays. Depending on your apprenticeship profession, the final vocational examination will follow during the regular course of study. This is followed by alternating practical work in the company and studies at the university – for 8 semesters until you also have your bachelor’s degree under your belt.


  • Acquisition of extensive practical and professional knowledge
  • Optimal participation in operational structures, working methods, and project workflows
  • Continuous remuneration while you study
  • Application of key qualifications in real-world practice
  • Smooth transition from study to work (with an excellent chance of being hired!)
  • Wide range of available roles within the company
  • Special feature of our combined study program – the total training period is shortened by several years in some cases

Here is a brief overview of our apprenticeship professions


In this metalworking role, you will learn to manually and mechanically machine workpieces using a variety of manufacturing processes. At the beginning of your training, you will be taught the key manual skills that are necessary to process a wide range of materials. You will work in different departments within the company.

You should already have:

  • good technical knowledge
  • manual dexterity and fine motor skills
  • spatial imagination
  • good knowledge of mathematics and physics

Technical product designer

As a technical product designer you carefully “draw” objects, e.g., connectors with all their individual parts, so that they can be manufactured in the plant. All technical details such as standard specifications, dimensional deviations, etc. must be exact and precise. You also compile all the raw parts required for production on a material list. Your main work tools are computers (CAD), calculators, shape collections, and tables.

You should already have:

  • an organized and precise way of working
  • basic technical knowledge
  • spatial imagination
  • a reliable and trustworthy personality