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CNC technician (m/f/d)

As a CNC technician, you will process materials such as aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and plastic on both manual and state-of-the-art CNC-controlled machines. You will be responsible for the following steps: programming the machine, fine-tuning the first parts produced, and quality control. In addition, you will also spend time in other areas of the production department during your apprenticeship – to give you a better understanding of how the various production stages are interrelated.

Training period: 3.5 years

School-leaving qualification: high school diploma (equivalent to “Quali” or “Mittlere Reife”) or higher

You will need: a precise, methodical approach to your work, manual dexterity, an interest in computers and mathematics, spatial imagination, and technical aptitude

Your training

At the start of their training, all apprentices must complete our basic training course. Here you will learn the most important basic skills, including measuring, testing, filing, drilling, sawing, riveting, thread cutting, and chiseling.
Afterwards, you will spend time in all departments within the company and learn about many other ways of processing parts. You will also see where the manufactured products are used and play an active role in each team. In addition, we also feel it is important for you to get to know as many of our employees and their daily work as possible. At the end of your training, you will thus have a clear understanding of how the various departments are interconnected.

Here’s what you’ll learn during your training:

  • Manual turning: How does turning actually work?
  • You will machine different materials and learn the basic functions of the lathe
  • CNC turning (on a Weiler E30): You will create programs using cycle or DIN programming
  • Tool shop: You will learn to create CAD drawings on the PC
  • Manual milling: You will learn how to handle different milling tools and create pockets, elongated holes, and T-slots
  • CNC milling: Measuring tools, programming, and subsequent dimensional control with precise measuring equipment are the order of the day here
  • Grinding shop: You will use grinding machines to produce parts with exact dimensions and shapes
  • Drilling shop: You will learn how to set up drills for series production
  • Parts cleaning: Until they are spotless! The previously manufactured turned and milled parts must be degreased, cleaned, and prepared for further processing, for example for the electroplating shop
  • Raw materials: You will be tasked with delivering the correct raw materials to the CNC machines or cutting them to size
  • Assembly: Last but not least, you will assemble the many individual parts into a functioning connector
Vocational school

1st apprenticeship year
Staatl. Berufsschule I
Pilichdorfstraße 4
84453 Mühldorf
No block teaching

In the first apprenticeship year, you will attend the vocational school (Berufsschule I) in Mühldorf once or twice per week to learn basic metalworking skills (filing, drilling, turning, milling, getting to know different materials, etc.). You will be in the same class as apprentices from other metalworking professions.

2nd to 4th apprenticeship year
Städtische Berufsschule Fertigungstechnik
Deroystraße 1
80335 München

Block teaching

From the second apprenticeship year, your class in Munich will consist entirely of trainee CNC technicians. You will learn the various facets of machining technology in much greater depth (setting up a CNC lathe, programming, materials, process optimization, etc.).

You can either commute to the school by train or stay in the students’ hostel. ODU will bear the costs in each case.

Final examinations

In the middle of your second apprenticeship year, you will tackle Part 1 of the final examination, which counts for 40% of your final grade. In the practical part, you will produce a turned and a milled part according to drawings. The theory exam includes both multiple-choice and open-ended questions.

Part 2 of the final examination takes place at the end of the training period. In the context of a live order, you will be required to produce a part or parts on a machine at ODU, with which you will have already become well acquainted during your training. The theory exam will again consist of both multiple-choice and open-ended questions. The exam will conclude with a technical discussion in which your expertise will be tested.

You will be well prepared for all exams – both at ODU and also at the vocational school.

Your future prospects

By showing both commitment and enthusiasm, you will open up excellent career opportunities at ODU, initially with regard to securing a permanent job in our state-of-the-art turning shop, and then through professional development as a specialist in your field.

Further training to become a technician specializing in mechanical engineering is also possible on a part-time basis (8 semesters, 4 years).

Of course, various study paths will also be open to you, e.g., a dual study program specializing in mechanical engineering – part-time in Mühldorf am Inn.

  • As a rule, we hire eight apprentice CNC technicians each year.
  • As a CNC technician, you will work in a very clean environment.
  • You will produce parts with extreme precision – arduous physical labor is not a part of this job.
  • You can join us from any kind of high school (“Mittelschule”, “Realschule”), technical college (“FOS”), or grammar school (“Gymnasium”).
  • You do not necessarily need to have focused on technical subjects at high school to learn this profession.
  • With a good school-leaving qualification, you can learn this very demanding metalworking profession as long as you are committed and have a knack for handicrafts.
  • The profession of CNC technician is equally suitable for both men and women.