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Warehouse clerk (m/f/d)

During your training as a warehouse clerk you will carry out jobs related to the receipt, storage, and shipping of goods. You will use forklifts, hand trucks, goods scanners, and industrial trucks to store and transport the goods – you will cover a fair distance every day! As a warehouse clerk, you will learn how items from various manufacturers are delivered and stored in large quantities. You will inspect the goods in goods receipt and ensure their proper storage with the help of specialist software.

Everything must be in the right place at the right time – and in the right quantity and quality! Accordingly, you will supply the various production areas as the main artery of the company, so to speak.

Training period: 2 years

School-leaving qualification: high school diploma (equivalent to the “Mittelschulabschluss”) or higher

You will need: a precise, methodical approach to your work as well as spatial imagination

Your training

First of all, you will get to grips with the various work tools and learn how to use and apply them correctly. You will work in all departments to gradually build up your expertise – from goods receipt and the respective storage options to safe loading of outgoing goods.

Vocational school

Staatliche Berufsschule II
Prandtnerstraße 3
83278 Traunstein

Final examinations

The intermediate examination takes place after your first year of training. The final examination takes place at the end of your two years of training. You will be well prepared for both exams through your work at ODU and your studies at the vocational school.

Your future prospects

If you perform well, your apprenticeship period may be extended to include a third year of training as a warehouse logistics specialist.

  • As a rule, we hire two warehouse clerks every year