Tobias Heidrich

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Tobias Heidrich – ODU-AMC expert from the very beginning

The AMC® circular connector is one of the classics in the ODU range. Tobi Heidrich is now the process manager responsible for the process development of the series - 10 years ago he was the one who assembled the first samples of the ODU AMC® in the prototype phase.

But let's start at the beginning:

Tobias started his ODU career in MINI-SNAP® assembly in 2008. It was there that he came into contact with the ODU AMC® mentioned at the beginning. In February 2011, Tobi then changed departments and positions: first as deputy team leader and finally as team leader in MAC assembly.

While working full-time as a team leader, Tobi also completed a three-and-a-half-year training course to become a mechanical engineering technician, which ODU naturally supported him with.

"No matter where you work, always try to take as much as possible with you. Practical experience is often worth more than theory alone."
Tobias Heidrich, Manufacturing Engineer

He then moved from production to process development: he switched from assembly to manufacturing engineering (ME). In his current position, Tobi ensures that everything runs smoothly during the production of new parts - after all, processes have to be feasible. "I know the assembly side, I've held all the tools in my hands and operated the machines. I used to be at the end of the process chain and carried out the finished processes, now I'm at the beginning and can help shape the processes myself. The experience here is simply worth its weight in gold."

However, it is not only the experience he has gained in his almost 15 years at ODU that is of great value to Tobias, but above all the many contacts he has been able to make during his time here. "You're now well networked throughout the company, whether in design, toolmaking, assembly or other departments. And I've never actually had a bad experience here."

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