Internships at ODU

At ODU, you can gain some initial work experience while you study thanks to a variety of internship models. From a pre-internship to a voluntary internship to an internship semester – ODU offers it all!


Preliminary or basic internships

ODU gives you the opportunity to gain some insights into various manufacturing processes and production sequences.
Gain some initial experience before you start your studies, or if you are required to complete a basic internship – do this with us!

Practical semester

So you’ve successfully completed the first few semesters of your studies and are now eager to put theory into practice. At ODU you will gain plenty of practical experience and become familiar with both the processes and employees at our company. After your initial training phase, you will have the opportunity to independently supervise tasks or even small projects.

Voluntary internships

Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of life at our company – above and beyond the prescribed internships? ODU also offers voluntary internships with a minimum duration of two months. This is the best way to really “get to know” each other.


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