Simon Fenzl

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Simon Fenzl – The Sibiu Connection

ODU has been producing in Romania since 2006, with various series running through the plant there. From 2019, the vertical range of manufacture, which is so important for ODU, will also be increased at the subsidiary site: Simon Fenzl is pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Simon has been with ODU since 2008, when he began his training as a tool mechanic. The company then offered him a dual study program with in-depth practical experience in the field of production technology, which he accepted without hesitation. He wrote his bachelor's thesis on the introduction of the dual training system at the ODU subsidiary in Romania.

After completing his studies, he joined ODU as a process engineer and worked on improving and optimizing processes. As some product groups and processes were already running as standard in Sibiu, collaboration with his Romanian colleagues became an integral part of his work. Since then, Simon has been on site several times a year. Initially to work on product optimizations and production relocations. Since 2020, to work on his biggest project to date in his time at ODU: the plant expansion in Sibiu. Under Simon's project management, the space capacity there was almost doubled and around 600 employees arebiting on 17,000 m2 of production space.

While ODU Romania continued to grow with Simon's help, he was also able to grow with the new challenge. "I had to deal with an incredible number of new issues and reconcile construction specifications with technical requirements. The construction of the electroplating plant was particularly challenging: we had already built buildings in Sibiu and an electroplating plant in Mühldorf - now we had to complete both in Romania in the shortest possible time and also qualify a completely new coating in time for commissioning."

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