Globally networked – from our home in Mühldorf

As a leading global manufacturer, ODU has been developing and manufacturing innovative connector systems for the transmission of power, signals, data, and media for more than 80 years – products that are indispensable to our everyday lives. Our connectors enable smartphones, refrigerators, and cars to work, make it possible for airplanes to take off and life-support machines to fulfill their function.

employees worldwide
  • 1,400 employees in Germany
  • 160 apprentices worldwide
million turnover
  • 150 employees in research & development
  • 55 € million investment (in 2022)
production sites worldwide
  • 70 % exports
  • 13 sales subsidiaries

80 % vertical integration

Our above-average degree of vertical integration creates diverse career prospects and ensures future-proof jobs in Mühldorf am Inn.

Your career at ODU

The perfect connection. Joining the present and future. Coupling creativity with technology. Linking security with opportunities.