About ODU

ODU connects – tradition and innovation

Competent and innovative for over 80 years: Otto Dunkel founded his company in 1942 to manufacture connectors and electrical contacts.

Today, ODU is one of the leading international manufacturers of innovative connector systems for the transmission of power, signals, data and media.
Would you like to get off to a flying start in a home-based company and still be networked with the whole world? Then ODU is the right place for you!

Employees worldwide
  • 1,500 employees at the headquarters in Mühldorf am Inn
  • 12 sales locations
  • 5 Production and logistics locations
Apprentices worldwide
  • 13 training occupations
  • 4 dual study programs
  • In-house apprentice workshop
Million € turnover in 2023
  • 25 million investment (in 2023)
  • 160 employees in research & development
  • 80 % vertical integration

Manufacturing technologies

When developing new possibilities in connection technology, we push the boundaries of what is technically feasible. This is made possible by the many years of expertise of our employees, cooperation with research institutes and an in-house production depth of 80%.

Molding shop
  • High temperature resistance through to resistance to certain chemical substances
  • 30 Plastic injection molding systems
  • 60 million individual parts made from around 130 tons of plastic granulate annually
Turning shop
  • 160 automatic lathes in operation around the clock
  • Turning of parts with diameters between 0.5 millimetres and 80 millimetres
  • Processing of up to 6 million individual parts per week
Stamping shop
  • Up to 30 tons lifting capacity
  • Punching out and forming around 220 million contacts from precious metal strips per year
  • Diameter between 0.07 millimeters and 1.5 millimeters
Surface Engineering / electroplating shop
  • For corrosion protection, to change the physical properties or for optical reasons
  • 3 different processes, depending on shape and quantity: strip, bulk and rack electroplating
  • Fully automatic machines for large series through to single-contact machines for very small diameters with optical control
  • Special airlock-protected working area for non-magnetic medical technology components
  • Highest quality standards thanks to regular process audits
Warehouse / logistics
  • Supervision of the central high-bay warehouse with more than 14,000 storage locations
  • High delivery reliability and delivery capability thanks to this efficient warehousing


Dr. Josef Leitner, Dr. Henner Spelsberg and Robert Klemisch stand for innovation, tradition, inventiveness and cohesion. Together they shape the future of the company and create value for our customers and employees.

2023 ODU in Austria

Founding of ODU Austria GmbH

2020 ODU in Hong Kong

Direct sales in Taiwan, South East Asia and New Zealand via ODU Hong Kong

2019 ODU in Korea

Founding of ODU Korea Inc.

2018 ODU production in Romania

The new production building in Sibiu was completed on schedule in September 2018.

2016 ODU in Mexico

ODU opened a new production facility near Tijuana, Mexico.

2015 ODU in Japan

Founding of the subsidiary ODU Japan K.K.

2014 ODU in Italy

Founding of the subsidiary ODU Italia S.R.L.

2014 ODU in Denmark

Founding of the subsidiary ODU Denmark ApS

2012 ODU in China

Founding of the Product Development Center (PDC) in Shanghai, China

2006 ODU in Romania

Founding of the subsidiary ODU Romania Manufacturing SRL

2001 ODU in Shanghai

Founding of ODU (Shanghai) Connectors Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

1999 ODU in Scandinavia

Founding of ODU Scandinavia AB

1996 ODU in France

Founding of the subsidiary ODU-France SARL

1987 ODU in the United Kingdom

Founding of the subsidiary ODU-UK Limited

1985 ODU in the USA

Founding of the subsidiary ODU-USA, Inc.

1942 ODU in Mühldorf

Founded by Otto Dunkel