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Dominic Krieg – from Mühldorf to China and back

01.09.2010, Pregelstraße 11, 84453 Mühldorf a. Inn: The apprentices start their training at ODU, divided into various training professions. One of them is Dominic Krieg. He is starting an apprenticeship as a cutting machine operator, which means he will be working in the turning shop. After successfully completing his apprenticeship in 2013, Dominic is far from finished. From 2014 to 2018, he completed further training as a mechanical engineering technician, while at the same time working in the turning shop until 2016 and then in the test laboratory.

Even after successfully completing his engineering degree, Dominic still hasn't had enough. One of his biggest goals was to spend a longer period abroad to get to know a different culture. It was a good thing that ODU was looking for a project manager for its subsidiary in China at the time. His tasks were to strengthen international communication and cooperation, provide sales support for products and applications and act as a link between the Mühldorf headquarters and the branch office in Shanghai.

"It is important to always be open to new ideas.
After all, you never stop learning!"
Dominic Krieg, Expert Digital Product Management

To prepare for working abroad, Dominic first goes to the Application Center in Mühldorf for six months. There, he familiarizes himself with project processes and pricing and learns how to deal with customers so that he is well prepared.

When his stay abroad ended in 2020, he joined the company as Product Manager for the ODU MINI-SNAP®. Since 2021, Dominic has been responsible for the ODU Product Finder and many other digital projects as Digital Product Manager. And because all this is not enough for Dominic, he has also been studying for a Bachelor's degree in Digital Business since 2022 - it remains to be seen where his path at ODU will take him!

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