Your first job

Starting an apprenticeship means taking responsibility for your own future. During your apprenticeship you will not only complete many exciting tasks, but also become aware of your own personal growth. Last but not least, it is simply an incredible feeling when your first month’s salary appears in your account! So start your training at ODU and look forward to

  • taking your first step towards a secure future
  • your first regular income
  • an unforgettable experience!

a training allowance

1st training year: € 1,035 gross

2nd training year: € 1,089 gross

3rd training year: € 1,160 gross

4th training year: € 1,207 gross

Did you know that ...

... NASA’s Perseverence Rover landed on Mars with ODU plugs on board?


... ODU connectors are used in the Hydrofoil electric surfboard?


... ODU is responsible for safe operation of the world-famous Olympic Looping roller coaster at the Oktoberfest?


... ODU connectors are installed in the KTM Freeride E? © KTM SPORTMOTORCYCLE GMBH


... the BMW i3 is equipped with ODU charging contacts?


The future of ODU

Ultra-modern training workshops and dedicated instructors await you at ODU.

We continue to invest in people, material, and machines, while also forging ahead with digitization as a central topic in our training program.

And we will continue to focus on job security in the future. Indeed, we will offer every apprentice who is committed and works hard a suitable job after completing their training – just as we have done for the last 25 years.

Your subsequent career prospects are also excellent – ODU is a growing company and this growth creates an abundance of opportunities for young people.

Find out what our apprentices think

Our apprentices enjoy a very special status at our company. We make it a priority to ensure that each one of them is individually supported and encouraged to develop their talents and capabilities. Read on to discover why our apprentices enjoy learning with us!

“I’m always surprised by what you can do with electronics. Power and electronics are in use in every area of ODU. I’m constantly in other departments and I never get bored. The working atmosphere is great and your colleagues take care of you. Vocational school isn’t easy, but you just have to get stuck in. At ODU I’ve not only found colleagues but also friends. It makes you enjoy going to work even more.”

“The company has such a good reputation, so I applied for an internship. I enjoyed that a lot. My apprenticeship profession is very varied – you have a fixed structure, but no two days are the same. If you’re looking for top training with technical content, but also want to work on ultra-modern machines, ODU is the right place for you. After my apprenticeship, I want to stay at ODU as there are lots of development opportunities here.”

“You learn an incredible amount and quickly learn to work independently. In the process, you get to spend time in many departments. The working atmosphere is very open and everything is extremely collegial. Despite the size of the company, it still feels like a family business. After my apprenticeship, I want to continue my education, and ODU also offers great support for that. I can definitely highly recommend the training and the company.”

“I went to business school, but working in an office – that wasn’t for me. During my first five months at ODU I completed my basic training in metalworking. I particularly enjoy working on the machines – you can see the results immediately and I can already do small jobs on my own. At ODU, there are great additional extras, such as travel costs for the train and bus, as well as daily lunch in the canteen, which ODU pays for.”

"At school I chose office-based subjects, but I knew I didn’t want to sit in front of a PC all day. I then looked at the logistics area at ODU and it appealed to me straight away. I’m gradually working my way around the individual logistics departments during my training. So far I’ve been in shipping, high-bay storage, and packaging. I really appreciate the clearly structured workflows and the fair pay at ODU.”

Your benefits

Free lunch in the ODU canteen
30 days of vacation
Vacation pay, Christmas bonus
Joint celebrations and events
Apprenticeship trip every two years
Tax-free benefits: € 40 extra
Attainment bonuses depending on your average grades
Ultra-modern training workshops and dedicated instructors
Targeted exam preparation
Optional tutoring
Cross-professional project work
In-house art workshop
Trips, excursions
Activities organized by the youth and trainee representatives
Apprentice exchanges with partner companies
ODU workwear and cleaning allowance: € 20 per month for commercial/technical professions

Your journey to work

  • ODU will cover the costs of your daily commute by public transport
  • ODU will also cover the cost of traveling to the vocational school from Mühldorf
  • Accommodation in the students’ hostel – if required – will be provided by ODU
  • Bus connection from Neumarkt St. Veit to ODU and return journey
  • Bus connection from Waldkraiburg to ODU and return journey
  • Flexible working hours – based on carpooling opportunities

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