Broaden your horizons – get a taste of working life

Every year, we offer more than 150 high school students the opportunity to get to know our company and our apprenticeship professions through taster internships.

Which profession is the right choice for me? A taster internship can help you decide!

During your taster internship, we give you your first insights into the world of work. At ODU, you will experience real-world applications and discover first-hand how rewarding it can be to work successfully as a team. Our goal is to give you a detailed and clear understanding of our various apprenticeship professions. Of course, you can also actively choose (for example) to make a locomotive out of metal, create drawings in CAD, or create purchase orders. You can even have lunch in our company canteen free of charge.


Then feel free to send us your application by email. We will need a short cover letter and a copy of your latest annual report card. Tell us your preferred dates for your internship and which area you would like to explore.

Send your application for a taster internship by post or email to:

Pregelstraße 11
84453 Mühldorf a. Inn


The various roles at a glance

Commercial and technical

You can explore the professions of toolmaker, CNC technician, mechatronics technician, molding technician, and surface coating technician in the course of a work-experience week:

  • Toolmaker
    You will get to know different manufacturing processes in metalworking: filing, drilling, milling, turning, grinding, eroding.
  • CNC technician
    This role also mainly involves machining metal in various ways. You will join the team in our turning/milling shop and learn how to operate state-of-the-art computer-controlled machining centers (CNC).
  • Mechatronics technician
    These specialists work with innovative assembly equipment. You will gain an understanding of their varied tasks in both the mechanical and electrical areas.
  • Molding technician for plastics and rubber technology
    You will learn about the injection molding process – from the granulate to the finished molded part. Modern computer-controlled machines are also used in this area.
  • Surface coating technician
    You will work with chemical products as you learn all about the process of coating base metals with precious metals: gold-plating, silver-plating, nickel-plating, chrome-plating, etc. – both on strip-processing lines and in the barrel.
  • Industrial mechanic
    You will get acquainted with our modern machinery and plants, and discover how metal can be processed in many different ways.

These six professions are combined into one work-experience week.

Commercial roles

You will gain insights into the work in five different administrative departments: Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Financial Accounting, Purchasing, Shipping/Warehouse Management

You will also get to know all departments that are involved in training an industrial clerk: Sales, Corporate Communications & Marketing, Human Resources, Financial Accounting, Purchasing.

Our apprentices will explain their tasks and allow you to record employees’ leave passes, book invoices, or order office supplies on your own.

As a commercial clerk for wholesale and export, you will gain an understanding of all organizational tasks in the area of logistics. Our goods are shipped all over the world, which naturally involves a lot of commercial activities!

Metal technology and warehouse

You will learn about the role of a metal technology specialist, a warehouse clerk, and a warehouse logistics specialist.

  • Metal technology specialist:
    You will learn how to assemble our connectors. You will build a complete connector from individual parts and learn how to create press-in, crimped, soldered, and screw connections.

You will also be introduced to our semi-automated and fully automated machines.

  • Warehouse clerk:
    You will get to know our logistics operations and everything related to the movement of goods. You will learn what must be checked when receiving, storing and, last but not least, shipping our goods. You will work with state-of-the-art logistics systems.
  • Warehouse logistics specialist:
    You will learn how to plan deliveries in our outgoing goods department, process returns in our goods receipt department, and organize the movement of goods between the ODU plants worldwide.

Our customers’ extra requirements are your daily challenges!

Technical product designer

You will visit our design department and learn how to create small 2D and 3D models by yourself. You will shadow our apprentices and gain an understanding of the team’s daily workload. Technical product designers produce the designs for our new connectors or their variants. A step-by-step introduction to the creation of CAD drawings is therefore an important aspect of their training.

Internships on request – high school work placements

Do you have permission to do an internship during school time? Great – then feel free to apply to us!

Technology Day

Get a taste of our metal, plastics, chemical, electrical, and design departments in the course of one day – and explore our various apprenticeship professions.

You will gain insights into the following professions: CNC technician (m/f/d), toolmaker (m/f/d), industrial mechanic (m/f/d), mechatronics technician (m/f/d), molding technician for plastics and rubber technology (m/f/d), surface coating technician (m/f/d), and technical product designer (m/f/d).

A work experience day is the perfect opportunity to get to know ODU and explore your skills and interest in technology – by making a metal cube by yourself.

Technology Day is also a great way to get a first taste of our apprenticeship professions. If you like the sound of a particular job description, you can apply for an internship for the next school year.

Technology Day is also suitable for high school students who have already completed several internships in other professions or at other companies – and therefore can’t do any more – but nevertheless want to get to know ODU.

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These videos are a great way to find out what our trainees think of life at ODU and how our apprenticeships are structured:

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