Getting started in the world of work

We will help your child to successfully find their feet in the world of work!

As a parent, there are few things you want more than to see your child make a good start to professional life. We share the same desire and would therefore like to set your mind at ease. At ODU, your child can expect to receive high-quality training in an independent family business with a secure future.

About ODU

ODU, a leading manufacturer in the field of connectors, has been manufacturing and developing state-of-the-art solutions for the transmission of power, signals, data, and media for over 80 years. With over 2,600 employees worldwide and 1,400 employees at our headquarters in Mühldorf am Inn, ODU is an attractive employer.

Independence, commitment, a technical interest, and a love of learning new things

Committed and experienced instructors train our apprentices in ultra-modern training workshops. In addition to their job-specific qualifications, the personal development of each trainee is particularly important to us.
We continue to invest in the quality of our apprenticeships and the professional development of our instructors. We are also forging ahead with digitization, a central aspect of our training programs. As an international company, ODU also helps our apprentices to improve their command of English.


With 1,400 employees, ODU is one of the largest and most attractive employers in our region. Each individual is extremely important to us – especially our apprentices. At ODU, everyone receives tailored support and is encouraged to develop their talents and capabilities.

Employment after your apprenticeship

ODU relies heavily on developing its own young talent. When a company like ODU experiences steady growth, many opportunities are created for its younger employees. Training provides the foundation for this.ODU is characterized by a high level of vertical integration, which is why we need specialists in many different areas. Without our in-house training programs, we would suffer from a shortage of skilled workers in key areas – like many other companies. The chances of our apprentices being taken on are therefore excellent.

Vocational training and continuing education

At ODU we believe that the know-how and technical inventiveness of our workforce are valuable assets – as drivers of innovation and technical progress. In order to promote these qualities, we attach particular importance to providing tailored training and further education for our employees – and enabling them to pursue their requested professional development opportunities. Ultimately, a well-trained team contributes significantly both to the economic success of the company and the personal development of our employees.

Long-term relationships

ODU places enormous value on long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and, above all, employees. Many of our employees have been with the company for decades, in many cases having joined us as apprentices themselves. Our low staff turnover rate also has a positive effect on the general atmosphere within the company and creates a pleasant working environment.